Driving for people with disabilities

The INIOHOS/E.I.A.A. Center is a standard Driving Competency Assessment and Preparation Center for people with disabilities. The INIOHOS/E.I.A.A. Center was established, equipped and operates in accordance with the corresponding centers in member countries of the EU, adapted to the Greek reality.

The INIOHOS/E.I.A.A. Center contributes to the independent living of people with disabilities and consequently assists in their vocational rehabilitation, promoting their social reintegration in accordance with the autonomous-safe driving.

Today, the INIOHOS Center of E.I.A.A., with a specially trained staff (doctors, therapists, technicians, psychologists, etc), but also with its advanced material and technical infrastructure, provides the following services to applicants or drivers with mobility problems::   

  • Assessment of their ability to drive a vehicle in order to become competent - safe drivers with the help of technical aids and adaptations of their cars, using individual examinations and drive tests in properly adapted vehicles of the Center.
  • Indication of the special Technical Aids and adaptations of their cars, which are required in order to be able to ride safely and comfortably.
  • Administration to the candidate drivers or drivers with mobility problems an “Evaluation Document” (Decision by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, No 47919/5195: GOV 1205. Issue B. 26-8-03) on the assessment of their driving ability, which is subsequently submitted to the relevant departments of Transportation and Communication (SE), along with the health certificates of the Primary Medical Examination (physician and ophthalmologist), and the examination is completed by a Special Committee of Mechanical Engineers (of the relevant Transportation and Communication Department) in an adapted vehicle. At the INIOHOS/E.I.A.A Center the Highway Code is not examined.

The required basic documents for the evaluation of the stakeholders in the INIOHOS/E.I.A.A. Center are:

a) Medical “Health Certificates” of the Primary Health Committee (Physician and Ophthalmologist)

b) A recent medical report of the pathological condition + the health booklet

c) A cash receipt voucher from the E.I.A.A. Economic Service (accounts department) ,

d) Statement of the Law 1599/96,

e) Evaluation application

f) 2 color passport photographs

g) Photocopy of the identity card, passport or other relevant confirmatory identification document

h) Photocopy of the driving license if any.


The opening hours of the INIOHOS/E.I.A.A Center follow the public services schedule and the required assessment time for each case ranges from one to one and a half hours (1-1 ½ hours).


For more information and in order to program the evaluation of driving capability in the INIOHOS/E.I.A.A Center, please call:

Tel/Fax (210) 2386287 or via the center call: (210) 2314103-4, ext: 279