General Principles

The Orthotics is the science that deals with the construction of aiding devices, which are applied on the outer surface of the body, exerting forces in order to keep the member parts in a properly aligned position. The primary objectives of an orthotic device are:

  • Prevention of future deformation of the limp
  • Pain reduction and
  • Reduction of the stability and energy costs during walking

In CRC we construct braces for both upper and lower limbs, using next-generation materials bearing the CE label, always in accordance with the medical opinion of the attending doctor.The orthotic constructions are used in diseases of the neuromuscular system, pathologies of the joints as well as in cases where general support or stabilization of the limbs is required after surgery or trauma. Initially, we impress in plaster the affected area and then, when the construction materials have been selected, we proceed in the configuration and gradual formation of the orthosis. Apart from the traditional materials, such as leather and stainless thermoplastic materials (polyethylene and polypropylene) and carbon fibers.