Hip Disarticulation and Hemipelvectomy Prostheses


In cases of amputations, such as a hip dislocation or a hemipelvectomy, the construction of the prosthesis is particularly demanding, because we have to deal with patients with highly asymmetric weight and severely impaired proprioception. Therefore, we construct a large and at the same time comfortable socket, which will restore three major joints (hip, knee and ankle), providing walking balance and security for the patient.

In hip dislocation amputations, our target is to support the socket in the ischiadic tuber of the amputated side and pressures on both sides of the pelvis. In the case of a hemipelvectomy, we seek to support the socket with a sub-ankle fundament in the contra lateral hip and pressure on the opposite side. In both cases, the configuration of the case is critical in order to prevent injuries of the abutment and so that the patient can walk with proper balance of forces.

Helix 3D Hip Joint System

The CRC personnel is certified by the Otto-Bock firm, on the application of the most advanced hip joint and hemipelvectomy, known as Helix 3D Hip Joint System. It is the first prosthetic hip joint worldwide that is compatible with the electronic knee joint, offering the patient a more symmetrical and natural gait. The three-dimensional structure of the system, as well as its multi-centered character, is more close to the human body than any other mechanical joint. Thanks to its advanced hydraulic system, new standards are established, as far as dynamics and comfort are concerned, during the walking cycle. Due to its unique geometry, it offers high security and greater range of motion in flexion-extension and internal-external rotation. The hydraulic control system facilitates the movement of the knee and foot joint, allowing immediate response to fast and slow gait. It is aimed at a wide audience and provides greater stability and less energy loss, during the support phase and the swing.