Spinal orthosis

Spinal orthosis

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The complex anatomy of the spine, the existing genetic predisposition combined with the poor posture to which we daily expose our body, often disrupt its alignment (scoliosis-kyphosis hump), displacement of intervertebral discs and spinal stenosis (backache, coxalgia).

In CRC we manufacture spinal orthoses, both for children and adults, with conventional materials. We take into account the special characteristics and the patient’s disease, with an aim to construct an effective and simultaneously comfortable orthosis.

In the construction of spinal orthoses, we always abide by the opinion of the attending doctor, with particular emphasis on the efficiency and the aesthetics of the orthosis. Our experience has shown that in many patients the aesthetic effect of the orthosis plays a decisive role in its final acceptance.

The spinal orthoses are divided into:

  • Lumbo-pelvic (LSO)
  • Thoraco-lumbo-pelvic (TLSO)
  • Collum-thoraco-lumbo-pelvic (CTLSO)

Boston και Cheneau type brace

These are braces of TLSO or LSO brace, used for the treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. It is indicated in spines with a curvature between 25-40 degrees and their use is considered mainly effective in the middle and lower part of the spine. Such a brace may be either prefabricated or custom, after receiving a plaster model. The outer shell is made of polypropylene and the interior of plastazote type soft foam. In each case, we examine and outline the child’s body and then we choose the brace which will offer the best progress in correcting the spine. Usually worn throughout the day (18-23 hours) and their application under the clothes is not visibly noticeable.

Spinal orthosis