Tibial-ankle braces

Tibial-ankle braces

Orthotics      Tibial-ankle braces

The tibial ankle braces have as a primary goal the improvement of the foot stability and the proper alignment of the complex ankle joint. They are manufactured for patients with musculoskeletal deformities, who face high energy losses during their walking cycle. The following cases can be considered as indications for the implementation of orthotic devices:

  • Limited middle collateral deformity of the ankle
  • Limited range of joint motion
  • Dorsal and plantar stiffness (active-passive)
  • Limited degree of spasticity

Such muscle dysfunctions may derive from a stroke or multiple sclerosis.

These personalized devices are able to be worn in common shoes, with no special constructions or sophisticated configurations. Their operation is based on energy accumulation, during the phase of support and dorsiflexion (terminal stance), while improving the foot alignment, as well as the muscular and neurological function (ankle and knee joint), providing a more comfortable and safe support.

Their manufacture is based on a plaster model, using thermoplastic materials and an embedded soft lining for patients with musculoskeletal deformities.

In summary:

  • They are reinforced by carbon fibers for maximum energy return during walking
  • They absorb shocks during the support phase (heel strike)
  • They are of lightweight construction and
  • They are easily installed
Tibial-ankle braces