Construction of a Permanent Artificial Limb

Once the stump has almost taken its final shape and the patient's gait has regained balance, we are ready to proceed with the construction of the permanent artificial limb. The prosthesis is made partially or completely, depending on the case. We will definitely need a new plaster cast from the stump, because its perimeter has changed. In some cases, the use of new types of joints is even recommended.

We create an artificial limb, which will offer the patient comfortable walking and safe support in all his daily activities and at the same time will be aesthetically acceptable. For the foundation of a successful artificial limb, we have found that the main reason is the surface of the stump (stump-socket interface) to have a correct fit with the prosthetic socket. Of course, surgery also contributes here.

If, the ultimate goal of the surgeon is to create a useful and functional stump, the initial goal of the prosthetist is to create a useful and functional prosthesis. In our company we manufacture artificial limbs, in order to constantly facilitate the autonomy of our patients, for their daily life and their social well-being.

For the effective operation of the prosthesis, we must ensure in the stump socket. Offer appropriate dimensions and conditions with functional adhesion. For the effective transfer of all loads, the use of suitable mechanisms is required in all joints.Also, the settings in the front and midline alignment determine the proper operation of a prosthesis.

Also the aesthetic perfection of a prosthesis is an important factor for a patient, for its acceptance and application. Regarding the aesthetic effect of a prosthesis, we can apply a cosmetic foam  cover or silicone cover on the outer surface of each prosthesis.

Our long-term presence in the field of prosthetics and our continuous development, in combination with the improvement of technology, provides the possibility of manufacturing highly specialized prostheses and offers the patient a great advantage in terms of successful rehabilitation.

In addition to the construction, in our company we provide gait training (kinesiology) for every patient. Our goal is to restore the balancing ability, through the strengthening of the muscular system and the improvement of the physical condition.